Grant recipients’ reports digest (2012)

Dr Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski, University College London

Dr Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski researched a response of the Roman Catholic Church to the challenges posed by the Polish-Lithuanian Counter-Revolution of 1792-1793 generally known as ‘targowica’. The various sources he consulted in the Czartoryski Library, the AGAD Archive), the consultation point of the Papal Centre for Ecclesiastical Research in Warsaw, the Archdiocesan Archive and the Kórnik Library in Poznań, and the Archdiocesan Archive in Gniezno yielded important findings regarding the response of various parts of the Roman Catholic hierarchy to the plans for ecclesiastical reorganization drawn up and supported by various elements of the Crown and Lithuanian confederacies. This topic is a continuation of Dr Butterwick’s earlier work on the late 18th-Century Polish politics and thought and would result in a series of scholarly articles. czytaj więcej >