Szkoła letnia dla nauczycieli

The Centre for Political Thought and The Jagiellonian University Polish Research Centre in London invite British teachers to participate in the summer course “A Polish History Challenge. How to Learn, How to Teach?” which was held between 24 and 29 August 2014 in Krakow, Poland. It was a unique opportunity to meet the representatives of Polish science and culture. The Seminar was focused on the recent history of Poland and its position among other European countries. During their stay in Krakow, the attendees took part in seminars and discussions with prominent Polish historians, political scientists and journalists including prof. Marek Kornat (Wyszynski University, Warsaw), prof. Artur Wołek (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw) and prof. Arkady Rzegocki (Jagiellonian University, Krakow).The Seminar also included practical workshops and visits to important historical sites such as Auschwitz and Schindler’s Factory.

Above, you can find short report from our Seminar: