Our Mission

The Jagiellonian University Polish Research Centre in London was established in response to the challenges of a changing reality, in particular the development of a more intense and multilayered Polish-British relationship resulting from growing Polish emigration to the UK and increasingly frequent visits by British people to our country. We are convinced that, today more than ever, institutions that function as a bridge between the two countries are needed.

Our most important goal is to popularise the study of Poland in the UK. We support the work and achievements of both Polish academics and researchers living in the UK, and of British scholars who conduct research concerning Poland. By connecting the potentials of the Jagiellonian University and the Polish University Abroad, we also create a completely different quality in the educational offer in London.

Building relationships is also a significant motivation for our activities – not only between Poland and the UK, but also between the old and new generations of Polish emigrants. We believe that our efforts will result in strengthening the positive image of Poland and Poles in the UK, and in the British learning more about our country and its people.