Our team

Arkady Rzegocki, Prof. – political scientist, assistant professor at the Institute of Political Sciences and International Relations in the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the Jagiellonian University, representative of the Rector of the Jagiellonian University for the Polish University Abroad, professor at PUNO, head of the postgraduate course “Polish-British Strategic Partnership in the EU and NATO”, author of numerous publications, including “Freedom and Conscience. The Phenomenon of Liberal Catholicism in the Thought of Lord Acton” (2004), “The Idea of ‘Raison d’état’ in the Past and in the Contemporary European Integration” (2003), “Reason of State and the Polish Tradition of Political Thought” (2008). The originator and inspirer of the Polish Research Centre.
Contact: arkady.rzegocki@uj.edu.pl 

Paulina Heizer – graduate of the Tischner European University in Krakow. Between 2009 and 2013 she worked as an assistant and editorial board secretary of the Tischner University Zeszyty Naukowe (Academic Papers). She currently cooperates with the Children’s University (Uniwersytet Dzieci), she is the leader of the foundation Warsztat Innowacji Społecznych (Workshop of Social Innovation), and trains capoeira in her free time. In the Jagiellonian University Polish Research Centre in London team she is responsible for coordinating actions.
Contact: paulina.heizer@uj.edu.pl

Hanna Tucznio – graduate of Economics, International Relations and European Studies in Krakow and Leuven. Instructor of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association and member of the Jagiellonian Club, where she carries out international projects. She loves sport climbing and climbing travels. She believes in the good in human nature. At the Jagiellonian University Polish Research Centre in London she handles, among others, contacts with the media.
Contact: hanna.tucznio@uj.edu.pl

Joanna Sarnecka – an avid historian. Between January 2012 and March 2013 she worked at the Museum of the People’s Republic of Poland. She took part in the creation of city games “Uwolnij Sztandar”  (“Free the Flag”) and “PROjekt hardKOR” (“PROject HardKOR”), as well as historical plays “Walka o Krzyż w Nowej Hucie” (“A Fight for the Cross in Nowa Huta”). As an employee of the Museum of the People’s Republic of Poland, ready for new challenges; she was responsible for archiving the museum collections and documenting the exhibition “Do Przerwy 0:1. Piłka nożna w PRL” (“0:1 at Halftime. Football in the People’s Republic of Poland”), as well as for coordinating work at the office and preparing a series of thematic events together with the Museum team. An incorrigible optimist, daydreamer and extravert, a person who infects her co-workers and vicinity with positive energy. She runs the office of the Jagiellonian University Polish Research Centre in London.

Krzysztof Piskorski – studied at Warsaw University and the University of Oxford, where he has obtained a MSc in Environmental Change and Management. He works in the innovative field of environmental audits. His professional interest focus on sustainability issues in manufacturing enterprises. In his doctoral research he currently compares management practices in this field in Poland and in the UK. He is actively involved in the activities of the British Alumni Society in Poland. He is currently based in the London office of PON UJ, where he will fulfil his duties as the information officer. He now shares responsibilities for co-organising the conference “Rycerze Wolności” which will be held in London in October. Additionally he is actively involved in management and organisation of the postgraduate course on British-Polish partnership.
Contact: krzysztof.piskorski@uj.edu.pl