The Jagiellonian University Polish Research Centre in London, in cooperation with the Polish University Abroad, is the first institution in the UK that offers support for Polish students, academics and researchers, as well as British people interested in Poland. It is a centre with a research profile, which at the same time undertakes a variety of integration initiatives, and fills the gap between existing emigration organisations.

Our most important undertakings are:
● postgraduate studies in “Polish-British Strategic Partnership in the EU and NATO”
● postgraduate studies in “Teaching Polish as a Second Language with Elements of Polish Culture”
● doctoral seminars in international relations, political sciences and economics
● a course in “Polish for Academic Purposes”
● two-month research grants for UK-based researchers interested in Poland
● open Jagiellonian University lectures
● a summer school for representatives of young Polish emigrants in the UK
● conferences devoted to Polish studies in the UK (organised in Krakow and London)

In addition to these academic courses and periodic events, we conduct a variety of other ongoing activities. In London, we have established an information centre for those interested in studying in Poland. There, they can meet our staff, who are able to offer advice on Polish universities, grants and research programmes.

Among our main activities is the compilation of the first public database of Poles who work as academics and researchers in the UK. Additionally, together with emigration organizations we are creating a map of Polish London, which will include the most important traces of the Polish presence in this city.

We would like to invite you to participate in our projects and to support the activities of our centre.