Saturday Schools Classes

The contemporary history is a key to understand present-day Poland, though it is a difficult topic to teach in a class room. In order to help young Poles living in the UK understand political situation in Poland and sensibilise them to Polish culture, PON UJ prepared a series of interactive classes on contemporary Poland.

The classes start in June 2013 and are dedicated to Polish students at the age between  12 and 18. The final result will be a publication of educational materials including classes scripts which will be distributed to Polish teachers in the UK and important centers of Polish immigration.

PON UJ offer dedicated to Saturday Schools in London: 

Keeping in mind the education of young Poles in the UK, PON UJ prepared a series of classes on contemporary history of  Poland. The proposed topics include:

  • “PRL in a nutshell”
  • “Solidarity – the biggest social movement in the world history”
  • “Sweet-bitter taste of transition and contemporary history of Poland”.

The classes are interactive, with professional multimedia and innovative educational materials.

The offer is available from June 2013. All interested schools are welcomed to contact us at

The number of classes is limited and PON UJ reserves the right to select schools. The classes will be held free of charge.