Course in Journalism and PR

Course in Journalism and PR is a two-semester professional training course addressed to Polish immigrant journalists in the United Kingdom, people professionally involved in image creation, as well as community leaders. The aim of the course is to provide the participants with tools that would enable them to communicate with the environment in an effective and efficient manners, using the most modern methods and techniques. A significant part of the programme will cover issues connected with online marketing and PR activities.

During the classes, the participants will learn creative writing techniques, which will be subsequently practised under the supervision of specialists in all forms of press texts. They will also gain knowledge on how to design and implement advertising campaigns, as well as Internet product and company services, conduct online surveys, position websites and web services in search engines, and carry out Public Relations activities. The participants will also learn about the specificity of Internet users’ / consumers’ behaviours. The classes will be practical in nature, and supplemented by a theoretical side.

The programme assumes the participation of a small group of recipients, as a result of which the classes will consist of workshops and will guarantee individual contact between the students and the teachers.

Expected number of participants: 20 people.

The classes will begin in October 2013 and end in March 2014. They will be taking place during weekends, in the Polish Social and Cultural Association in London.

A total of 160 hours is expected for the course.