Postgraduate studies in “Teaching Polish as a Second Language with Elements of Polish Culture”

The growing demand for teachers of Polish in the UK requires the preparation of staff of teachers to work with Polish youth, who often already are bilingual. The studies, aimed at teachers of Polish language and culture, will put particular emphasis on the teaching of the components of the Polish language system and language skills (listening, speaking in monologue and dialogue, reading comprehension, and writing). There will be classes dedicated exclusively to the teaching of Polish culture and traditions. The instructors will point to modern teaching methods, in line with European standards.

The graduates will become familiar with the problems in the field of general didactics, such as methods of teaching languages and their scientific foundations; they will learn about the role and importance of teaching Polish as a second language. They will also have knowledge in the field of specialist didactics. They will learn techniques of teaching parts of the Polish language system and language skills, and they will be able to utilise them in their didactic practice. The programme also includes teaching practice.

Classes will be conducted by experienced professionals in the field, working at the Centre for Polish Language and Culture in the World of the Jagiellonian University and members of the Unit of Polish Diaspora Methodology of the Polish University Abroad. The studies will lead to a diploma which may be useful also in Poland, where more and more children of immigrants and European migrants are learning Polish.

The studies are organised by the Jagiellonian University and the Polish University Abroad. Graduates will obtain a diploma of both universities.