Polish studies in figures

O sytuacji szkolnictwa wyższego w Polsce mówią nie tylko opinie, ale również rankingi i dane statystyczne. Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z poniższymi liczbami i ciekawymi faktami związanymi z uczelniami polskimi:

  • Poland boasts one of the world’s highest index of educationand the highest number of higher education institutions in Europe.
  • At present, in Poland there are 470 colleges. 132 of them are public colleges and 338 of them are private ones. The colleges educate almost 2 million students.
  • At present, students in Poland pursue degrees in over 200 majors, including unique and combination majors. Most students chose majors related to economy and administration: 23%; sociology and related – 13.9%; pedagogy and related – 12%; humanities – 8.8%; engineering and technology – 6.8%; medicine – 5.8%; information technology – 4.9%; social services – 3.7%; law– 3.1%; environmental protection – 1.4%; other majors – 16.4%.
  • 928,133 people are full-time students, while 999,629 people chose extramural programmes.
  • 170 thousand staff are employed in Polish higher education, of which 100 thousand are academic teachers,who work mainly at state-funded colleges and universities (84 thousand), and only to a small extent in private institutions (16 thousand).