Doctoral seminar in the international relations and political sciences

Many graduates feel unsatisfied with graduate studies. Some of them decide to start doctoral studies right away, others would like to explore a subject in spare time. To both groups, our seminar gives a possibility to meet experienced academics, who can suggest how to gather the material for further reflection, how to organize collected data, and how to move in quite complicated academic world in Poland and Great Britain. It also gives an opportunity to meet people who are in the same point in life and have similar interests, or an opportunity to discuss research to date.

The meetings will be held in small groups, what will enable an intensive contact with lecturers and an individual work on texts prepared by participants of the seminar.

Doctoral seminar comprises topics of international relations, political sciences and economics. Lecturers are academics of the Jagiellonian University, the Polish University Abroad and other Polish and British universities.

We would like to invite both young academics preparing doctoral dissertations at English universities and people who would like to defend a dissertation at the Jagiellonian University.